Saturday, October 9, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like...

Gifts that Give. Shopping with a Purpose. 

This Christmas will you buy gifts that give twice? All of the items below can be purchased and given as gifts to your loved ones while also funding some great causes! Some orphan care, some adoption, some widow care. Will you consider giving gifts with a purpose this year?

Shop away! 

And a special thank you to Megan and my AGCI family for helping to get this list together!
*Disclaimer: These are in no particular order. 

First, check out Megan's great list here

The Jenkins Family Adoption Fund - Africa tie dye bags, ornaments, artwork & more

In her Etsy shop!

Debi also made these Africa Lifesong for Orphans ornaments! They are $10 and $5 goes to her family adoption fund, $5 to Lifesong Liberia!

Lifesong for Orphans Tshirts – 100% goes to orphan care and adoption funding - $20 each

Lifesong for Orphans - Sponsor a Child in Liberia $50 per month
Fund a Child's Education in Zambia - Lifesong for Orphans $37 per month

Casper Family Adoption Fund - visit her Etsy shop or her blog for handmade hair accessories, necklaces, and broaches. 

Buriani family Adoption Fund - adopting THREE siblings from Ethiopia! Visit their etsy shop for cute little girl shoes! $29

Biggerstaff family adoption fund - tshirts $20

Kirk Family Adoption - Ahni Art (customizable scripture canvas art)

Kelley family adoption fund - Pitter Patter Art - tshirts, key fobs, artwork, bags, and jewelry (all customizable)

Gobena Coffee - Funding orphan care in Ethiopia-organic fair trade coffee, tshirts, and coffee mugs

Schmelzer Family Adoption Fund - Bracelets 

Stutzman Family Adoption Fund - tshirts - $12

Jewett Family Adoption Fund - Christmas Ornaments $15

Feed a Hungry Child in Africa - Lifesong for Orphans - $28 for 1 month

Ucherek Family Adoption Fund - tshirts $15

Blackston Family Adoption Fund - tshirts $20

Wiphan Orphan Care - tshirts, coffee, operation silent night, and cookbooks - proceeds go to orphans and widows in Zambia! 

Light Gives Heat - helping women in Uganda
Small Wish - baby slings made by an adoptive momma!

JunkPosse - adoptive momma and grandma - uses proceeds to fund adoptions and orphan care

Sseko Designs - helping women in Uganda - shoes & straps

It's Poppy Dip - raising money for their adoption fund - girls dresses & more

James 1:27 Designs - raising money for their adoption fund - Christmas cards &  birth announcements

147 Million Orphans - orphan care in Uganda - tshirts, bags, accessories and more

Baby Zoowon - blankets - for each blanket purchased, one is given to an orphan in need

Megan's Family Adoption Fund - tshirts, baby items and more

Galbreath Family Adoption Fund - tshirts $25 ($27 shipped)
Lewis Family Adoption fund - Christmas Cards, Paracord Bracelets (great for youth and men - women too!), Coffee and Customized wreaths for those in the San Antonio/Austin area

Huson Family Adoption Fund - tshirts and coffee

I'm Adopted, You're Adopted Tshirt

Mocha Club Store - tshirts, hoodies and accessories 

Adoption & Orphan Care Etsy Shop

Still haven't found what you're looking for? Check out Megan's post here

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  1. dont forget worthy of the prize's chosen child auction! nov 4-7