Thursday, October 28, 2010

Heart Check...

Where have I been lately? I've been around... with a bad attitude and all... I needed a little heart check here lately! I'll admit it, my heart needs so much work... but, OH, I am so grateful that I serve a God who forgives me over and over for my messiness... I'm a work in progress! I'll say it again - I'm a work in progress! And if you came in contact with me this week... you probably thought that yourself! :) It's ok, I can take it!

I'm not a person that is naturally filled with joy, I never have been. I wish I could say that I jump out of bed each morning ready to face a new day, but that's just not the case. However, I am thankful for this... it reminds me usually minute-by-minute how much I DESPERATELY need my Jesus! How thankful I am for a Savior that sought me out!

What's on my mind? I'm sitting in my comfortable little world having a little pity party... thinking about this and that - I'm cold, too cheap to turn on the furnace... you know, stuff like that.

BUT... I can't help but think of all the children around the world that are cold EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. The same children that go to bed without a hug or kiss from their momma, the children that are putting their siblings to bed, the children that are raising their younger siblings, the children that lie awake hungry, not knowing where their next meal will come from, the children that have scars that run deeper than I could ever imagine. The children that have never known the loving heart of a mother. The children that have never known the protective heart of a father. And how can we possibly expect them to  understand the love of Jesus when they have no earthly father to care for them?

What are we waiting for? Children are dying every day as I sit in my comfy little world and think about ridiculous little things!

Jesus - thank your for saving me! Thank you for rescuing me! Teach me to be more like you each and every day! Change my heart Father... help me to put aside my selfish desires to put YOU first in my life. Help me to put the needs of others before my own, to lay down my life daily!

PS - for a GREAT adoption post, check out my friend Amy's post here. I was 19 when I was adopted.. how old were you?


  1. Ouch - I am going through a heart check too....and it is NOT pretty.

    I was adopted when I was 4!!!!

  2. Oh sweet friend- I adore you. I gotta tell you though that I don't believe you when you say you are not naturally a joyful person. You are hands down one of THE SWEETEST, most encouraging people I have ever met. EVER. So maybe you are not full of joy cause God filled you with sweetness instead. ;) Love you and praying for the precious child God is going to bless you with every single day. :)

  3. Thank you so much for being so honest! I can relate to you! Thank you for reminding me of the millions of children who are in much worse situations. Funny how God has shown something like the plight of the orphan over and over again to me, but those pity parties keep coming up again and again.
    And He keeps bringing me back to the Truth.
    I was adopted when I was 13!

  4. Yup! I just might join you the next time...since I tend to frequent the heart check seat! Thank God for His grace!!!

    "Congo, Here we Come!"

  5. hey you, friend of mine...

    i would agree--you are one of the sweetest people i know! i LOVE working with you everyday....even through this crazy busy time! let's keep on keepin' on! :) count it ALL joy!

    love you much and have a wonderful rest of your weekend! see you monday!