Thursday, September 23, 2010

Meet Quita!


Quita is 5 years old.  During the disarmament time, rebels came to her village and took all the men, including her father.  She never saw her father again.  Later it was discovered that these men were taken to a bridge where they were shot and thrown into the river.

Her mother ran to the Salala district with the other villagers for refuge.   There she later got sick and became paralyzed.  Last year Quita’s mother died and Quita was taken to the Lifesong Liberia's Home of Champions.  When she grows up she wants to be a medical doctor and help children.

Isn't it amazing that at 5 years old she's thinking about how someday she can help other children?

How can we help children today?

We're asking for a monthly commitment of $28 for one year.

Twenty-eight dollars...

- eating out at that new restaurant

- the shirt you've had your eye on

- a date night to the movies

- those pillows that would just look sooo good on your sofa.

I won't lie, making this commitment will require some sacrifice.  But trust me.  The sacrifice is always worth the reward.

What can you sacrifice for a child like Quita?

Our goal is 70 people.  $28 a month.  One year commitment.

We have 36 commitments, 34 to go!

Join us in bringing joy and purpose to orphans!

Contact us at to commit! 


  1. it is wonderful you have received the commitments so far!!!! we just cannot do so as we are pinching every penny we have right now for the adoption fees; as we are just beginning the adoption process.
    but i wanted to comment anyhow. you can see her story in her eyes!
    just when i think i have read a story that is absolutelly heartbreaking, i read another that is even moreso or at least is as horrible and reminds us all that the need is huge!

  2. WildFlowers - I totally understand! Praying for your journey!