Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Meet Kemah!

Kemah never knew her mother.  One day while she and her brother were sleeping, their home caught fire.  In a desperate attempt to save his children, Kemah’s father ran into the house for them.  After he rescued her brother, her father searched for Kemah as well.  That day, the roof of their little house caved in, leaving Kemah’s foot badly burned and killing her father.

Now orphaned, 6 year-old Kemah and her brother found refuge at Master’s Home of Champions-Lifesong Liberia.  Here she is gaining an education, is given daily, nutritious meals, and is learning the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Kemah can tell you that she loves Jesus and knows He loves her because He died for her sins.  Someday she hopes to be a missionary so she can tell others about the love of Christ!  
Wow...  What an amazing response to the Gospel from a young child who's already experienced more pain than many of us will experience in a lifetime.  But Kemah is not alone.  There are other children... so many children... who need our help!

We're asking for a monthly commitment of $28 for one year to help cover the costs of caring for 70 orphans in Liberia.  This donation will cover food and water, and other necessities, such as coal and kerosene, toothpaste, bathing and laundry soup, and hair oil.

A typical grocery list at Lifesong Liberia for 1 month includes:
- 8 bags of rice
- 5 gallons agro oil
- 2 bags of cornmeal
- 1 bag of sugar
- 20 gallons of red cooking oil
- 1 carton of cooking salt
Sometimes powdered milk and flour will also be purchased, but not every month.
Every 1-2 days cassava, various vegetables, fish and occasionally chicken are purchased for soup.
Typically the children at Lifesong Liberia will have cornmeal porridge for breakfast and rice with soup for lunch and dinner.

Will you help us feed and care for these children?  Children like Kemah?
Our goal is 70 people.  $28 a month.  One year commitment.
We have 17 commitments. That means 53 to go in just 4 days!

Join us in bringing joy and purpose for orphans!
Contact us at info@lifesongfororphans.org to make your commitment today!

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