Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Deals & JunkPosse giveaway I won!

So, I'm behind... this is from last week, but I just had to share - I got all this for $14!! Ladies - you seriously need to start couponing! There's a workshop in Bloomington/Normal in Sept, if you're in the area!

Do you remember the Junk Posse Jewelry raffle I won from this post? The Lemanski family had this great giveaway to raise money for their adoption and I was so excited when they contacted me and told me that I would be getting a free Junk Posse necklace!
Here it is----- thanks Tracy! Tracy @ Junk Posse is a great lady.. so easy to work with and she has a heart for orphan care, often selling her jewelry and giving the proceeds to great families!

Do you LOVE it? 

I just love how she was able to make this specifically for us! The tag on top says HOPE in Amharic, the language in Ethiopia and will be replaced with our children's names once we know them!

Go visit Tracy at Junk Posse and show her some love!

Happy Wednesday y'all! :)


  1. so jealous of your junk posse necklace!!! LOVE IT! and what a deal you got last week!!!

  2. love your necklace--so cool. you need to start sportin' it! :D

    and you need to give me a coupon lesson!

    leah :)

  3. Love this necklace! And love your good deals...I am a coupon girl too! :)

  4. Love this necklace! And love your good deals! I am a coupon girl too! :)