Thursday, August 12, 2010

Where are we now and what are we doing? LOTS of photos!

Where are we now?
I haven't posted an update on our adoption progress in a while, so here goes:

As of August 5th, we are
#36 for a little girl
#19 for a little boy
#23 for siblings

The Ethiopian courts are currently closed for August and September, so the referrals tend to slow down during this time. Also, due to the new 2 trip policy, the length of time that the children stay at Hannah's Hope (our agency's orphanage) is lengthened, which means the entire process could slow down compared to what we originally thought.

What are we up to?
Dan and I are truly trying to 'wait well' by following hard after Jesus, serving with our small group, getting our home ready, and educating ourselves on both raising children and parenting children from hard places. I recently finished Adopted for Life by Russell Moore and Radical by David Platt and have a whole pile of books on my table waiting for me, which I'm very excited to read! :)

I've also become a 'crazy coupon lady' as my husband so affectionally refers to me, so I wanted to share with you my STEAL DEAL of the week... all for $1.05!!!!

I've had another recent spurt of creativity and decided to finally finish off some of the art projects I either had in my head or started at one point and haven't finished.
A little bathroom wall art (canvas I already had + leftover paint + an old paintbrush = FREE art) - 
Yes, I'm well aware that my camera skills leave a lot to be desired! :)

This was the sneak peak of our baby room I shared with you a while back:
and our inspiration for the room: 
a work in progress: 
where we are today: 

and the cute little giraffe I painted that will be attached to the mini-sized table and chairs:
the goods (thanks grandmas!):

Not quite done yet, but we're getting close! Off to hang up some jungle animal stickers! :)


  1. Yay!!! You're out of the 20's! I bet that feels SO GOOD! Love the nursery set up....are you nesting yet?

  2. Awww! Its going to be so perfect! I don't know what the numbers mean? Is that like a wait-in-line kind of number? Anyway, still excited for you!!

  3. Love the room -- it looks so fun! The verse on the wall is awesome. And I'm a couponer too! :)

  4. LOVE the cute nursery!! It is so precious!! Yay for new, lower numbers too!

  5. what an adorable room! how exciting!!!

  6. well, what you lack in camera skills you TOTALLY make up for in painting skills! it looks AWESOME!

  7. Beautiful...and very impressive! Come paint cool things in my house :) Can't wait to meet the little person/s who will sleep in that cute room!

  8. wow, that is awesome. I hope the days ahead move by quickly!

  9. It's kinda like an early ultra sound! Looks like it is gonna be a wait...not sure...could still be a girl...that number is falling too! Watch out...there may be more than one!! I am so excited for you guys!

  10. gosh you are an amazing artist :)

  11. The room is looking great! I need some advice. I want to paint a large stripe with a smaller one next to it in my big boys room. (it's going to be a surfer theme ) Do you have any tips for painting stripes??!!
    Thanks! Betsy

  12. You all are so sweet!
    MamaMimi - nesting.. not sure, maybe? :)

    Jenn - I want to know your couponing tips!

    Lynette - the #'s are just to show that you've made progress really... since our parameters are broader than a lot of people, we hold loosely to them, but its still fun to see the movement (on the right hand side of the blog you'll see how our numbers have decreased since April.

    Abby - tell me when, I'll be there!

    Jeanette - I'm so glad you're praying for 2 with me :)

    Betsy - YES! I do have ideas! Oh, I wish I could just come to your house and do it for you! Where do you live? You have some options: I just use a ruler and level, connecting the dots with painters tape, which I always have to go back and touch up by hand. Or, there's a hardware store in our area that starts with 'Men' and ends in 'ards'(can't say that word in my house, my hubby works for RP) that sells strips, they come about 4" thick and stick to the wall like any other appliques - I haven't used them, but they look interesting.. I'm sure that H.ome D.epot probably has them too!

  13. Christi, I love the canvases and the baby's room. Great job! So creative!

  14. i love it i love it i love it!!!!!