Monday, August 2, 2010

TWO surprises today!

The Lemanski family over at The Lemanski Diaries held an adoption raffle for Junk Posse jewelry and we WON!!! I'm so excited about this! Check out these gorgeous pieces of custom jewelry.

Surprise #2 - We got to see some new pics of sweet little Julisa. For those of you who don't know, the Lord moved our hearts to adoption and showed us his Plan A for our family through an orphan care trip to Guatemala last September. Dan and I committed (to each other and to the Lord) to adopting 2 little sweeties - Julisa and Milagra, when Guatemala opens back up for international adoption. God used these girls to show us His plan for our lives and help us overcome the fear that we had in adopting a child who was not biologically ours. It's a long story to where we are today, and since my time in Guate, the Lord has called us to Ethiopia. We are currently adopting from Ethiopia (1 or 2 kiddos, don't know yet) and hope to one day bring Julisa and Milagra home too!

Although it's been a hard road in feeling called to care for these girls and not knowing when that day will come, the Lord has been showing us glimpses of His plan for their lives in Guatemala.

While Milagra is in foster care, we were told that we would not be given any info on her, but we've been blessed to receive a couple updates on her periodically and from what we know, she's doing well and growing like crazy.

Julisa is still in the Cerecaif orphanage that was recently taken over by our friends at Orphan Outreach, an amazing group of people who serve the Lord with all their hearts and have a lot of experience in Guatemala. Each time a group travels to her orphanage, I'm checking the OO blog daily to try to catch a glimpse of her cuteness! And today... my sweet friend Amy at OO sent me these new pictures of her...
I can't believe it's been 11 months since I held them in my arms and they kissed my cheeks -
Cause we want them to read this one day:

Girls - We love you with all our hearts! We think about you and pray for you every single day! We are trusting the Lord and believing that HE WILL move mountains to bring you two beauties home. We stepped out in faith when God called me to Guatemala, knowing that I was going to love on and care for both widows and orphans... little did we know what God would do in our hearts to bring us to you! We can't wait to hold you and love you and care for you for the rest of your lives. We are committed to you... we will always love you... our hearts ache for you! Since I met you last September your daddy and I have stared at your pictures and asked everyone we knew to pray for you... we have not forgotten you... we weep and ache for you almost daily! We pray for your health, for your protection, and for your saving faith in Jesus! What an incredible testimony you will have one day. You have lots of aunts, uncles, and grandparents who love you already.... We trust that the Lord is taking care of you and we will do whatever it takes to bring you home! Love, mommy


  1. Dan & Christi, you just bring tears to my eyes with the overflowing and boundless love that God placed in your hearts. I pray those precious little ones are brought home as quick as they can be. The pictures are amazing and they are growing so fast!
    All my love,

  2. Oh my goodness Christi, I didn't know your adoption story! What beautiful girls God has waiting for you! I will keep them and you in my prayers!
    Also, super cute Africa pendant you won!!! I haven't been lucky yet in any of the raffles I've entered, that is awesome (although I don't really believe in luck :) ) Blessings! CArin

  3. Wow.....what a gift of strength, love, faith, and endurance. Pray that Guatemala opens back up SOON!!!!

  4. Oh my goodness, I had NO idea you had two little sweeties in Guatemala! :( I'm so sorry you have been apart for so long. Praying like CRAZY for Guatemala adoptions to open back up so they can be back in your arms, but this time FOREVER!

  5. Okay you just made me cry again everyime I see there pictures I just want to give them hugs and hold them and tell them how much we love them and want them to come home and be part of our family. Hopefully Guatemala will hurry up and open up so they can come home.
    Love, Mom

  6. As much as you miss them I'm sure there is a peace that comes with knowing wait as long as you have to and go anywhere you need to bring your daughters home. Remember that to God the ocean is just a teeny puddle. He moves the world and He can bring two little girls home.
    Melissa Barth

  7. Tears... you, my friend, are precious beyond words.

  8. Your girls are beautiful. I remember the ache in my heart when we waited for our Elena and received pictures of her monthly...My heart goes to you and I pray that this journey will go quickly. I ache to go back to Guatemala some day as well and I pray things start moving again. So many families have been waiting so long and these children need them and your girls need you. Peace be with you, and God's loving arms are around your sweet angels.