Thursday, August 26, 2010

Post Placement Journey

One of the things Dan and I have been trying to focus on is to prepare ourselves for post-placement while we are in the pre-placement stage.

I had the opportunity to listen in on this great webinar hosted by Christian Alliance for Orphans, Dr. Karyn Purvis, and Amy Monroe (Tapestry)! You can view the webinar and hear the audio from the call here!

So, tell me... what are you focusing on during your pre-placement stage of the game? Those of you who are post-placement, what SHOULD we be focusing on?


  1. Sometimes post placement is really not hard, and others it is. When it is harder- sometimes there is nothing to really prepare you, but PRAYER. Knowing that we are insufficient, but the God who brought us here is ALL SUFFICIENT! Knowing that our child/ren may respond in any of over a millions ways- tough to prepare for. But prayer, and bringing them before the Lord......

  2. We are having a challenging post placement experience as you know. One thing I would do is get a list of Drs. ready now in case you need them. Ask fellow moms that you trust in your area and check with your health insurance, etc. and get the names and info. for an ENT, a pediatric GI Dr., a dermatologist, a urologist, and an excellent pediatrician that is familiar with international adoptions. It is too stressful to try and find good Drs. when you are in the midst of health struggles with your child and running on no sleep. I would make sure all of the details are in place and all is ready to go with your health insurance for your child. Check and double check and triple check. We have had frustrations there.

    Parenting, whether biologically or through adoption always tests you to the core. Strengthen your marriage and your relationship with God b/c they will be tested through the hard times. Work now to establish a wide support base for you to rely on when you get home. You will need other moms who have been there, done that to help and encourage you. You will need meals (we had meals for 3 weeks and it was a lifesaver). Fill your freezer with freezer meals before you leave. One of the most helpful things for me has been to have a freezer stocked full of homemade baby food. Buy the book, Super Baby Food and before you leave, stock your freezer with food! Our son was starving when he got home and I was soooo thankful for all of that food that I had made and froze ahead of time.

    Don't be afraid to ask for help. We have had help with our laundry, help with cleaning, help with our big kids, financial help for Dr. bills, friends still bringing us freezer meals a month later, and friends I can call anytime and get encouragement from.

    Prayer has been the biggest help of all. Have faithful prayer warriors praying for you now, during travel, and when you get home. I stressed myself out with all of my preparing before we went to get our son but in the end, it has been God who has met our needs in the moment, right when we needed it and He has carried us minute by minute, day by day and He will do the same for you. I will pray for wisdom for you. I ask God 100 times a day for wisdom! :)

    HTH a little,