Tuesday, August 17, 2010

More Projects at the U house!

We have this big, blank wall in our living room that I've been wanting to fill with a large piece of art. Around Christmas time last year, we looked and looked with no success of finding what was in my head. So, I had purchased a large canvas a few months back when it was on sale ($13!) and WA-LA... here you have it:

My FIL has a workbench in his garage he's going to give us so I don't have to paint atop this can anymore! :)
When we moved into our house, the previous owners left a bunch of spare trim... so, my hubby turned this - 
into THIS!

Just one of the MILLION reasons I love this man! 

Oh, and because he stained this dresser for our baby room which used to me MINE when I was a kid (how sweet!)

Happy Tuesday y'all! 


  1. Very cool! You sure have been busy. Hmmm, don't they say that expectant mothers get the nesting instinct right before the baby comes. You never know!!!!

  2. wow! it looks great! good job to both of you!

  3. LOVE IT!!! If only I had that type of talent!

  4. Love it! Great job! And I have a baby dresser just like that in my youngest girl's room! I painted it white, and it was mine when I was little too! How sweet!!