Thursday, August 5, 2010


Alright friends, can I be real on here? This is public domain, but I'm pretty sure I know all of my readers?!?!

Can I tell you that I'm scared? I have the 'momma-to'be' jitters, if that's what you call it? I find myself trying to read as much as possible, trying to prepare as much as possible, and some days just plain wearing myself out!

Not only am I going to be a first time momma, but our first is through adoption... and, we don't know if God is blessing us with 1 or 2 kiddos... a 5 day old or a 2 year old... can you see where I'm heading with this? If I think about it too much, I can get pretty overwhelmed!

So, tell me the best advice you received or the advice you wish someone would have given you before you became a mother... Can't wait to hear your thoughts!


  1. Hi! I found your blog thry Lucy Lane's blog. My husband and I are adopting from Ethiopia too! The best encouragement I got came from an adoptive father. He told me that God has handpicked our child, he know who she is, who is taking care of her, and he will orchestrate the coming together of our family.

    It is so relieving to me to know that He know all the details that we don't & that He will give us the strength and patience to persevere.

  2. I think the best thing you can do is trust yourself. You are going to have a motherly instinct and when you get a gut feeling on it. Listen to others advice but in the end do what is best for your family. On toddlers, I would have to say, pick your battles. Decide what is really important and be flexible to let some things slide. Above all else....PRAY and work as a team!! You are going to do great!!

  3. throw all the books out the window, be laid back and enjoy it ALL..even the hard moments cause it's over way too quickly, kj

  4. Alot of prayer!!:) I seriously started praying that God would help my babies sleep through the night and He did! You will be a great mom...just the fact that you're wanting to be so prepared shows that you've already got your motherly instincts going! Just enjoy every moment...and love on them and cuddle as much as won't believe how fast it flies by!

  5. Well my favorite advice was from my aunt. "When someone gives you advice that you think is crazy (and they will) simply nod your head and say, I'll take that into consideration." It gives you an out with the bad advice giver, but you can still be nice. Unfortunately my mom heard this advice, so now whenever I say it, she yells at me LOL....

    But I don't think that was the advice you were looking for.
    So, sleep when the baby sleeps. Always, the dishes will wait, the laundry will wait. You cannot function without sleep. This too shall pass, they will grow out of it. I haven't adopted, but I've had foster babies, both of them liked to be held much more than my bio kids. I had to wear a sling, it made them happier.

    Pray: I read a great book from a tired mama that said, "at the end of the day I was so tired that my fervent prayer boiled down to please please please and thank you thank you thank you". God knows when you are tired!

    And no matter how many times you hear, "time flies" You will never believe it! You will never get used to it! You live in the moment, and love on that baby (babies) as much as possible, but time really does fly.

    (also I stumbled along your blog from "it's almost naptime", but I don't know her either, I like to hit the "next blog" button LOL, but I've been following for awhile)

  6. My advice, take lots of pictures and give lots of hugs and kisses- the rest will work its self out. ;0)
    Sweet friend, you are going to be THE BEST mama ever- just look at your life! Look around you and there is evidence of God's fingerprints all over the place. He is going to be right there with you on this motherhood thing too. :)

    And the best news I have is- even if you do mess up sometimes- that is a good thing- because then our kids know they don't have to be perfect either.

    Love you and cannot wait to see who God puts in your family!!

  7. Being a parent is the most rewarding experience you will ever have - as well as the hardest job you will ever have. Patience, stability, positive actions, consistency, and follow through with what you say. Teach by example. You are such a loving person, your child will be so blessed to have you guys as parents.

    1 Corinthians 13: 4-8
    Love is patient, love is kind.

    Being scared is so completely natural. It just shows you understand the awesome that you are about to behold. I pray everyday for wisdom to know what to do and strength to do the right thing.

    We are so completely excited for you and pray for you two (and soon to be more) all the time. Lean of others when you need to. It takes a village to raise a child (or two).

    God bless!

  8. You will be an amazing Mommy! All of the information can be SO overwhelming and there is no way that you can apply all of the advice you receive. Just come up with a game-plan and remain calm. Children sense calmness and they sense tension. If something you try doesn't work, change your game-plan until you find something that does. As long as you and your hubby are on the same page, everything will work out just fine.

  9. I hopped over here from another adoption blog, and just wanted to share a quote I read the mom of 2 kiddos 2 and under it resonates with me, "the days are long, but the years are short." I remember that on the long days (after a sleepless night), and know I'll look back and miss these days. Also, I'm learning more about God through my children than I ever imagined possible. It's a blessing, and I'll pray that you have peace replacing your jitters soon:-)

  10. Mother jitter's are good, and your instincts will be right on most of the time. I have never read any books or anything and my kiddos are doing great....Get a good Pediatrician that is knowledgble on those types of things, but first and foremost trust your motherly instincts. God has instilled them in all of us and you will know what to do!
    Can't wait until your kiddos are home!