Monday, August 30, 2010


Summer... it's been a CRAZY summer! It's an interesting place to be when time flies by so quickly, yet you are still waiting... waiting to see those sweet little faces that God hand picked for our family!

So this summer has had its UPS.and. DOWNS. I mean big DOWNS, with a capital D - catch my drift?!?!

Throughout 3 deaths in our family and 2 major surgeries (my mom and a close friend) we've continued to seek to glorify Jesus through it all! Have we done so... sometimes, while others we've failed miserably. That's what I love about Jesus - he meets us right where we are, no matter how many times we completely screw up!

What's on my heart this evening? My character! What is God teaching me through all of this? Who am I in times of joy and who am I in times of sorrow? Can I rely on Him no. matter. what?

Can I stand up, with my arms lifted high, and sing 'you give and take away, you give and take away, my heart will choose to say, Lord blessed be your name'? I tried to sing this song less than 24 hours after my father passed away and as I stood in the back of our church with tears streaming down my face, my body was completely numb... my lips would not move... and my arms certainly wouldn't lift up and praise Jesus.

What about today? Several weeks later the wounds are still fresh and there's still aching inside me, but I have a fresh perspective and a new outlook on life and how precious it is!

Have you heard this song? I want to be like this -
"When all the lights go down and the world is quiet
No one is around
I wanna be the same man that will serve you then
Like I serve you now
That my convictions never change
O let my need for you remain
As real as the moment I was saved

I will always stand amazed"

Through it all, I'm continually reminded of the HOPE we have in Christ! Can you imagine living your life without this hope?

Check out this GREAT song my sweetie wrote - in the world of darkness that we live in, there is always hope in Christ!


  1. LOVE your heart. Wombs....hurts....but thank God we serve a HUGE BIG MASSIVE GOD WITH SOOO MUCH LOVE!!! Love your post.

  2. Beautiful words, even more beautiful heart! Love you friend! =)

  3. Thanks for posting this, sometimes we are reminded of Gods Hope and endurence through how He works in others lives...Thank you for reminding me He is sedfast and strong, and will never fall no matter how weak we are!