Sunday, August 15, 2010

Do you think...

So tell me, do YOU think we are ALL called to adopt?

While I don't think that I'm the correct person to answer that question and know that on the judgment day, we will all be held accountable (Matt 12:36; 2 Peter 2:9), I'd like to share what is on my heart...

Jesus calls us to lay down our lives for others. "This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us. And we ought to lay down our lives for others" 1 John 3:16

He calls us to visit the orphan and the widow. "... look after orphans and widows in their distress and keep oneself from being polluted by this world" James 1:27

He tells us that whatever we've done for the least of these, we do unto Him. Matthew 25:40

He also tells us that whatever we did NOT do for the least of these, we did NOT do for him. Matt. 25:45

Have you looked in the face of an orphan lately? Have you EVER looked into the face of an orphan?

Have you stood face to face with a widow? Seen them staring at the grave of their loved one? Held their hand while they were mourning?

I can't quite wrap my mind around why we are continually being told that the cost is too much... that the price is too high... that the sacrifice is too great...

Why is it that we, Americans, think that the cost of rescuing a life is too much? Did Jesus not pay the ultimate ransom for OUR lives?

Why do we find it OK to purchase new cars, buy boats, and take fancy vacations... but question if the price is too high for a living, breathing, precious life?

A life that is created in the image of God.

A soul that needs rescued.

A tummy that needs food.

A face that needs kissed.

Hands that need held.

And a child that needs Jesus more than anything we could ever offer them!

Let me challenge you today... press into Jesus, ask Him if He is indeed calling you to give up your life and your plans for the plans that He has for you. Maybe He isn't calling your family to foster or to adopt, but what is He calling you to? Is He calling you to mentor a child? To love the 'unlovable'? 

Whatever it may be, let go of the control and excuses, lay them at His feet, take up your cross, and follow Him! 


  1. My husband is preaching on November 7th for orphan Sunday at our church. He has already said some of these exact things to me. Love your post and your heart!

  2. AMEN sister! I know that many people argue that we are not all called to adopt... I believe we are. The problem is- our lives end up being so far from what God had planned for us- that often times our lives are consumed with stuff that shouldn't be there. So, we are unable to imagine how we could 'fit' an orphan into our plans. So, we come up with excuses that seem legitimate- in our eyes at least- and one of the biggest excuses of all is how we tell ourselves that surely God wasn't calling ALL of us anyway. Can you imagine our world if we all quit making excuses and actually started doing God's work? I can dream right? :) Love you! Great post!

  3. This made me cry! Beautiful words, thanks for sharing your heart.