Sunday, June 27, 2010

I sit awake...

I sit here awake, although I should be sleeping and have an early morning tomorrow! However, as I crawled into bed, I checked a fellow AGCIers (our agency) blog. She is in Ethiopia, RIGHT NOW... and will meet her son TOMORROW MORNING! Oh, what an exciting time for her and her family who started the adoption process last September!

I sit here thinking about how God has changed my heart, our hearts, for the fatherless. About how my heart beat to a different tune while I was in Guatemala. And, how I was forever changed after spending time in the slums of the Dominican Republic. I came back changed... and broken! I remember a great friend telling me while we lie awake at night that it was good for these wounds to never heal... that it was healthy... and I came to realize that I don't want the aching I feel when I come face to face with the fatherless to EVER leave me!

Andrea describes how we, Americans, live so much differently than the rest of the world... how we/I often complain and sweat the small stuff, and how we/I can learn much from those that we look at as having 'nothing'.

She writes, "I pray we can forget about our lack of comforts and rejoice in what really does matter in this world. I pray the Lord would build in me today and make me a mom who raises our children to live in this world but not of it. And I pray that my children's hearts would also beat for countries like these. Yes, something about it does say 'welcome home'... not sure if that's because my son is from here or because the Lord loves these people so much and longs for us to love them like He does." 


Thank you, Andrea, for allowing us to witness the miracle in your lives! Thank you for being so transparent and raw with your thoughts and feelings. Thank you for encouraging us AGCIers when we needed it most. Most importantly, thank you for the hearts you are touching and for loving as Jesus loves!

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