Monday, June 7, 2010

The day you've all been waiting for... :) (you may not have been, but we have!)

Saturday was a glorious day of serving the Lord through working on Lori's house!

As I thought about the grief my family has been experiencing and how my grandfathers life has drastically changed, I couldn't help but think about Lori and her boys. As they seek to put the pieces back together in their lives day by day, week by week, and year by year, our prayer is that they can look around their house and see that they are loved. See that the body of Christ came together to help them when they were in need. We rejoice together and we carry each others burdens!

After several weeks of prayer and preparation, our team of volunteers showed up at Lori's house. You see, these people didn't just give up a Saturday to do some manual labor, they have walked this road with us. When we told them about our need, they responded! They sent out letters on our behalf asking THEIR friends and family to sponsor them while they worked on Lori's house.

The donations made went to our adoption expenses through an account at Lifesong for Orphans. View our project page HERE.

We showed up Saturday morning to gray skies and a not-so-pleasant forecast. It was supposed to rain and be very windy all day. So, we forged ahead and started the smaller outside projects anticipating that we only had a short window of time to work outside.
The guys quickly got to work fixing plumbing and electrical in the basement.
We continued to work as much as we could, but were disappointed that we would not be able to do the 2 projects that would make the biggest visual impact. Lori's windows were in need of a new coat of paint and her front porch was in need of an overhaul.
By this time we decided that we could start painting the spindles on the porch, thinking that we would only get that done.
We decided to have lunch together, update everyone on our progress, and spend some time honoring Lori.
At this point, several people went home for the day since we didn't think we'd be able to progress. You could see it on all of our faces that we were still hopeful! As we continued to work, we each continued to pray and trust that whatever God had in mind for the day, He would make possible.

Soon after, the sun came out and the wind started blowing. We were able to start painting Lori's windows and when the inside projects were completed, the porch had dried enough to be painted. The crew that was still around spent time working together to complete Lori's porch. We were so excited that God brought us sunshine long enough to get everything completed!
At the end of the day, we took some time to sit and talk with Lori and caught some video clips of her thoughts about the day... she's an incredible woman with a heart for the Lord! Check out the new Lifesong t-shirt that she's sporting in the video!
We can't put into words how much we appreciate our team of volunteers, those that provided food for the day, Lori and her family, and all of you that have prayed and supported us financially. Our prayer is that this video will give you a glimpse into our Both Hands project.

As we drove home, Dan and I couldn't stop smiling and talking about all that had happened :). We pulled up to our house and grabbed our mail... I saw an envelope from US immigration and started screaming! That's right, we got our FDL from USCIS (the official US/FBI approval, in writing)!!! This day could not get any better!


  1. BEAUTIFUL! I love love this project! Looks like a fabulous day of service and blessings- I love that you will have this video and the pictures to share with your child someday- what a testimony to God's faithfulness.

  2. Can't wait to show this video and post to one of our pastors. Love this!

  3. We just watched your video. It's exciting to see what you guys are doing through the Both Hands ministry.

  4. Very cool. I am so glad to see this whole idea. I love it. Lifesong is fantastic.