Thursday, May 20, 2010


We thought we'd take a couple minutes to update you on where we are as of now.... We were officially on our agency's wait list as of the end of April, which generally means that you wait 6-8 months before receiving a referral (being matched with a child). However, since we are open to older than the 'norm' as well as special needs, the timeframe could dramatically change!

We are at peace with the process and are doing all that we can to prepare. What does that look like right now? We are learning as much as we can about parenting, about taking care of babies and toddlers, about attachment/bonding.... as well as preparing our home and our hearts! You see, it's very different when you are adopting a child... they do not know you from birth, they have not instantly bonded through the feeding experience, etc. So, it's important that we attend training, get expert advice, and read as much as we can about this process.

We are also talking with international pediatricians, figuring out what immunizations we need to take, and fundraising!

So, now to our Both Hands project. Both Hands... one for the widow and one for the orphan (James 1:27). Check out this video from the founder!

Both Hands Video from Lifesong for Orphans on Vimeo.

This is the coolest concept we've ever heard of! When we knew that we would need to raise money to complete what God was calling us to do... we couldn't think of a better way than to gather up a team of friends and bless someone! Our project is scheduled for June 5th (please pray for good weather) and we are hoping to bless Lori's socks off!

We are amazed and humbled by all God is doing! There's more info about our project here.

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