Thursday, May 6, 2010

So blessed...

We are feeling so humbled, amazed, and blessed as we walk through this adoption journey that the Lord has us on. He continues to show His faithfulness in providing each piece of paper, each signature, and each dollar. Not only that, but we are honestly surprised with the peace He has brought us knowing that it is all in HIS timing, not ours.

Since last week, we are officially on our agency's 'wait list'. Why a LIST, you might ask? Well, there's certainly an explanation and a good friend, Charisa summed it up very well over at 'For Such as These'.

Throughout this process, it's been really fun to see the songs that God has been laying on Dan's heart... for which I am extremely grateful. Check out this song and video clip he wrote after my trip to Guatemala this past September.

Here's what my love wrote to sum up this song -
"John 14:18 - 'I will not leave you as orphans, I will come to you' - Jesus. 
That is just want God did when He sent His son so that we could have a heavenly Father. We are all children of destiny! Ask the Lord to stir in our hearts for the orphan... to break our hearts for the things that break His!"

The Ucherek’s

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