Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day Weekend Thoughts from a Momma-to-Be!

Friday night I attended a fabulous baby shower for a good friend, Cari that I used to work with. It was beautifully decorated with a small group of ladies and I had my eye out for some great baby items! This was the first shower I've attended since being in the 'expecting' stage... so, I paid more attention than normal! :) (If you read this blog for any length of time, you'll get an idea of my attention span!)
This night made me realize how much I missed my dear friend and how much she had taught me 5 years ago when we worked together about being a wife and mother. Cari is a young mom who truly lives a simple, frugal life... and for her witness I am truly thankful!

Saturday brought an amazing day of serving a dear friend who needed some work done on her house. When Dan and I were praying about doing a Both Hands project for an adoption fundraiser, we approached our small group (YAC)... a group of young, active, incredible parents... to get their opinions. We were absolutely OVERWHELMED at their response - they not only wanted to help the widow we had on our hearts (James 1:27), but also wanted to help out 2 single moms in need. So, my friends, that's what we're doing.
Project #1 was this past Saturday - we replaced a door, fixed an electrical outlet, fixed crown moulding, trimmed an attic ladder, patched drywall, and painted like crazy! It was a beautiful site to see all these hands and feet in action! (Pictures below)
To my dear friend Jane, thank you for pouring your life into your children, for being there for them through it all, God is using you and has a plan for you! Thank you for allowing us to play this small part!

Sunday was a great day spent with family, honoring the ladies in our lives!
Our incredible pastor had an amazing sermon! He mentioned several things that had been on my heart all week -
     -If you are not married or don't have children, God has a plan for you!
     -If you are married without children, you are still a family and God has uniquely equipped you!
     -If you are a step parent, God can use you! (Thank you, John, for the sacrifices you made for me!)
     -If your mother has passed away and Mother's Day is difficult for you, God can heal your wounds!
     -If you are a single mother, pouring everything you have into your family, God will bless you! (Jane              & Kim - you amaze me!
Dan and Ken putting in the door.

Christie T and I painting
Colin and Jane painting

Christie T & Janice

Marty and Colin talking about... you don't want to know! 

Elise - thanks for your help sweet pea!

God has uniquely equipped each one of us, to use our skills and abilities for His plans and His purpose! Thank you YACers for living your faith out loud!

The Ucherek’s

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