Sunday, May 16, 2010

ASK AWAY! and a few weekend projects

So, we decided to post a follow-up to the last blog posting (Fearful Adoption Questions) to give you all a chance to ASK WHATEVER YOU'D LIKE TO! The more we learn, the more we realize that adoption, especially international adoption, can be an unfamiliar territory for MANY people.

So, feel free... just leave a comment on this post and we'll do our best to answer your questions! 

and... a few pics of rainy Saturday afternoon projects:
mirror set we received from my brother for Christmas (thanks Mike!)
my LOVELY husband washing windows while I was painting! 
metal wall art... also from my brother - we painted a deep purple color behind the metal art, as well as the black paisleys on the corners (total cost $.89 for craft paint!! that's my kind of decorating)
another angle
re-upholstered our dining room chairs (a sweet lady from church gave us a FREE dining room table and 8 chairs that we LOVE - thanks Becky!)

and.. a sneak peek at our first baby items! :)

We hope you're having a GREAT Sunday! 
The Ucherek’s


  1. We have the Jesus storybook and LOVE IT! It is one of the best ones I have read.

    Fun projects!!

  2. I love you guys :) This post made me smile!

  3. Very cute- my kind of redecorating too! :)

  4. You'll love the Storybook Bible! It is just the best!

  5. So, here's a question: How do you even begin to find an agency to work with? Is there some sort of master list? Did Lifesong suggest some for you?

  6. I love the look on Dan's face... He's like "THIS WINDOW CLEANER IS BURNING MY FINGERS!!!! AHHHHH!!!!" or he could just be really surprised that you took his picture, but I think it's probably the burning skin thing..

  7. i love your wall art christi! you are so creative. love it love it love it!


  8. Lynette - GREAT question!

    For most people that we talked with, they knew what country God was calling them to, so they could narrow their search by country. Whether domestic or international, it's much easier to find an agency once you know where you want to adopt from.

    For us, however, we knew that God was calling us to adopt before we knew what country. So, finding an agency was a little more difficult. We continued to research agencies (through Christian Alliance for Orphans, Loving Shepherd Ministries, and google searches) while we prayed for God to lead us to a country.
    Christian Alliance -
    LSM - fill out an online profile and they will tell you what countries you qualify for -

    For international-making a list of countries of interest was a place we started when we were overwhelmed at all the info we were finding. Then, we visited -click country info, and then click on a country of interest, to find out if each particular country is open. Once you know if that country is open, you can go to to find out the requirements (age of parents, min income, length of marriage requirement)... from that point, we were able to cross off LOTS of countries due to our age. Then, we set aside several days and prayed over each country.

    For us, we were always drawn to Central & South America as well as Africa...

    Once we were narrowed down to about 5 or so countries, we looked further into agencies and prayed that God would make it clear to us. We had requested info packets from several agencies, which made it easier to learn about them, their programs, fees, etc.

    Hope this helps! We'd be glad to give you more info, if you'd like.


  9. Did you consider domestic adoption?

  10. Dear Anonymous,
    It feels so weird saying that! :) We did consider a domestic adoption... I wasn't sure how much detail to put into that response on here - I can give you more if you want to contact me!

    Ultimately, when we initially felt called to adopt, we prayed, A LOT! We felt very quickly that God was leading us to Central, South America, or Africa.

    I completely understand and have a heart for orphaned and vulnerable children all over the world. I believe that we all should ask God to show us exactly where He wants us involved.. some in our backyards, some in china, some in Africa.

    If you have more questions - you can email me ucherek1 AT hotmail DOT com.


  11. I have added your family to Ethiopian Adoption Blogs. I wish you all the best as your continue through your adoption journey!