Friday, October 6, 2017

Are you ready for November?

Who is ready for November...
✔️ National Adoption Month
✔️ World Adoption Day
✔️ Orphan Sunday

We sold these T-shirts once several weeks ago and some of y’all didn’t get your order in... and asked for them again.... so, here we go!

T-shirt details:
▪️Sizes S - 3XL unisex adult, kids S (4/6), med (8/10), and lg (12/14)
▪️$36 each (includes shipping)
▪️I will send you a PayPal invoice that must be paid in order to get the order in.
▪️Sale will close Tuesday, 10/10
▪️Orders will be shipped out 2-3 weeks later

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🔹I’m not normally a t-shirt girl, but I love this one! 😍

▪️Just email us ucherek1AThotmailDOTcom with your size(s) and email address for the invoice!

❤️❤️❤️BONUS: If you sign up to be a new monthly supporter, you can get a T-shirt or a bag of Guatemalan coffee for FREE!! (1 year commitment, $30 p/mo minimum)

Thursday, October 5, 2017

The Difference a Year Can Make

"I can't believe the difference one year of therapy has made in my son!" 

Partnering with one of the only schools for children with Down Syndrome in this country is truly a joy! Recently while spending time with the children that are under school age (1 month - 5 years) and their parents during their therapy sessions, the mothers were expressing to Dan what a difference the program has already made in their lives. 

One of the moms expressed the fears and unknowns that came with the diagnosis she learned of after her child was born. She didn't have access to great medical care and was doing the best she could, already scared for how to provide. Then, she received life-changing news and wasn't sure what she would do. Soon after, she learned of the Down Syndrome School and the services they provide even before children are of school age.

The difference being made in these children's lives starting with an early-intervention program and then a school that serves them well into their 20's and even 30's sometimes is truly incredible. Without this school, the love provided to the children (and their families), and the therapy program, these children would spend the rest of their lives begging on the streets. There's no sugar-coating it, services for anyone with special needs just aren't available here. 

These children need this help. These families need this program just like we need each of you. It's not fun to ask for help, but friends and family, we need it. We are facing a large monthly deficit that HAS to be met in order for our family to continue to serve children and families like these. Would you please consider partnering with us? 

Click here to partner with us. 

Believing God will provide, 

Thursday, September 28, 2017


As you saw in our last update (here) we are looking for financial partners to make up a large deficit we currently have. We would LOVE for you to connect us with the mission committee at your church to see if they would want to partner in any way as well as for you to pray that God would send churches and individuals to partner with us in this way.

In the meantime, since our timeframe for making up this deficit is short, and many of you have been asking for coffee, we've decided to do a coffee fundraiser to help in the short-term. Plus, I mean, you all are going crazy for pumpkin everything on social media, so we just have to ;)

All proceeds to help our family serve in Guatemala!

Open through October 5th at midnight!

Bags are 16 ounces, $18 each plus shipping. You will be sent a PayPal invoice AFTER the coffee has shipped (approximately 1 week after the sale ends). Please help us to keep this option available and shipping costs low by paying your invoice timely.

To order: Send an email to with your order information. Please include flavor, roast, mailing address, and email addressed used for paypal invoicing.

Flavors available:
-Medium roast (ground and whole bean)
-Dark roast (ground and whole bean)
-PUMPKIN SPICE (ground and whole bean)
-Decaf (available in all flavors, ground and whole bean)
-Butterscotch Brownie (ground and whole bean)
-Jamaican Me Crazy (ground and whole bean)
-Cookie Doodle (ground and whole bean)
-Dolce Amaretto (ground and whole bean)
-French Vanilla (ground and whole bean)
-Blueberry Cinnamon Crumble (ground and whole bean)
-Walnut Fudge (ground and whole bean)
-Southern Pecan (ground and whole bean)

Thank you all!!

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

IL area friends!

IL area friends - I (Christi) will be in the area for a quick medical trip with Titus late October. We are in real need of new partners... would you consider introducing us to your church, small group, or friends? I will try my best to make time to meet with them! Thanks in advance!

*And to all of you who so faithfully pray for and support our family and have stopped up to the call to care for missionaries, THANK YOU!

Thursday, September 21, 2017

It's all about connection

*Pictures have been removed and names changed to protect those that we serve*

Have you ever wondered what happens when a person has someone else in their corner cheering them on? What happens when someone walks life with you? 

Meet Sally and Susie. 

Through the relationships and reputation we’ve developed in the community of Chimaltenango serving families that make a living digging through trash in the local garbage dump, we were approached by Sally. She heard of our community program through some neighbors. One day Sally showed up at the program and shared with Dan and one of our co-workers about her past. Sally had formerly been in prostitution and was reaching out for help. At this time, she was still struggling with alcoholism but the Lord gave her the strength to reach out. Sally knew that she needed God, He was pursuing her. She had recently committed her life to Christ and wanted to be sure that her daughters did not follow the path she had been on. She asked for her youngest daughter, Susie to be enrolled in the program and because of God’s sovereignty, we had a space just for her. From day one, there was something really special about Susie. She is a very sweet, kind-hearted girl that loves God with all of her heart. Because of not having an earthly father in her life, she has struggled with who God is and what that relationship looks like. We continually reinforce that God is her Heavenly Father who will never forsake her. Over time, she has begun to trust Him more and also see Dan as a strong male role model in her life. Susie comes each day to our after-school program where she is discipled, receives nutritious food, gets help with homework, and has mentors in her life. She is truly thriving and is an example to others in the program. 

We’ve had the opportunity to walk alongside Sally as the Lord has transformed her heart and life. She’s been a part of our workshops that we’ve offered learning several life skills to help her find employment and change her future. Sally was blessed to have an organic (raised bed) garden installed at her home recently and has been using it to nourish her family as well as selling some of the produce to help provide for them financially. Sally recently told Dan that she has completely been able to stop drinking because of the love and hope she feels as we walk life with her and her family. Because of the work Jesus is doing in her heart and being able to see His hands and feet through our staff, she is truly transforming from the inside out. 

Because of people like you, who sacrificially give to support our family, we are able to be the connectors here in Guatemala. It’s all about connection. We’ve learned in our time being here that just like Jesus did with His disciples, the real impact made is when we are doing life with people, walking alongside them. Through that, God uses us to transform peoples lives and show them Jesus in the flesh. 

As you’ve seen in our recent update, we are facing a very large monthly deficit and trusting God to provide for our needs. If you feel led to give one-time or on a monthly basis, you can do so here

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Blessed and Humbled!

September 2017 Update

It seems that months go by between our email updates and many times we aren't even sure where to begin. Our hearts are to keep you all updated as much as we can, but as you know, time just slips by and in the ministry we are a part of, there are always urgent matters pulling our attention elsewhere. We pray that you all understand and thank you for being gracious with us!

We are humbled... we are coming to you asking you for prayer, once again. We know that the Lord calls us to bear each others burdens and to come to fellow believers when in need of prayer and we feel convicted to do so. It doesn't come easily and quite honestly, we don't want to share this. However, we have to! An extremely dear partner to us contacted us this week to inform us that the Lord has called them to shift their international giving to local ministry for now.  We know that they are walking in obedience for their body of believers in making this decision. In doing so, we know that the Lord will provide for the deficit this leaves our family with. We are asking you to pray that the Lord would send us new partners, whether churches or individuals to fill this large gap... like only God can do. As most of you know, we live completely off donations so this can be really scary for us at times! Thank you, in advance, for bringing this to our Jehovah Jireh!

Updates from Guatemala: 
-We have been gearing up for the Christian Alliance for Orphans (Latin America) conference happening this coming weekend. We have been blessed with the opportunity to share what the Lord is doing and invite many local churches here, which has been amazing! We are praying for God to move in the hearts of believers in Guatemala to head the call to care for orphaned and vulnerable children. We are also seeing more interest in adoption and have the opportunity to help equip and walk this journey with many families! Praise Jesus! (below is a photo of the conference last year)
-We ask for prayer for all of the children in our programs as we head into the final weeks of the school year. Please pray for endurance and focus for each of them. Many of the children we serve had little to no support at home so the results of their school year impact their parents decisions for the next year.
-Praise God for a summer full of impact! With the blessing of the groups that came to serve alongside us and their willing hearts, we were able to accomplish many things at the orphanages, schools, and community center. Just a few of these highlights were: a new therapy/sensory room for children preparing to be adopted into loving families, a family visiting room for these families to get to know their new children, gardening beds to improve nutrition and provide an income stream for families working in the garbage dump, efficient stoves and water filters, sharing the Gospel in public schools that opened their doors to us, and the list goes on! God is so gracious and good! 

-Having people we know come and serve with us has been one of the biggest sources of encouragement for our family! This summer Christ Community Church from Gridley, IL (one of our faithful supporters and dear friends) came to serve with us and it was an amazing week where we saw God move mountains. We are also looking forward to Pontiac Bible Church coming in December to celebrate Christmas with all of the children and families that we serve! 

-As the ministry of Orphan Outreach has grown over the last several years, we have had the opportunity to grow in many ways. The past two years Dan has been overseeing the community program in Chimaltenango. Now that he has trained up the local staff to run this program day-to-day, we can now shift some of our time to some other areas that we feel God calling us to. One of these being the spiritual development of the children in the orphanages where we serve. We are thrilled for this new challenge and love that we can spend more time on discipleship! 

-We are also excited for a training opportunity that has been presented to us for next May. We would have the opportunity to receive training and certification through Back2Back ministries in Trauma Competent Care. This is crucial for our staff and caregivers here and would give us the opportunity to help them learn new skills in this area as well. We pray that we are able to attend!

We pray that you and yours continue walking with the Lord and see His hand in your lives. May you continue to serve Him with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength. Thank you for loving us so well. We miss you all greatly and can't wait to hug you again, hopefully soon!

In Christ,
Dan & Christi

If you feel led to support our family financially, you can do so 

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

When Passion Becomes a Calling

"Do not expect to walk into a new place and be automatically accepted into the culture and people's homes. Relationships and trust are built and earned over time."

Five years. That's how long we've been here. In some ways it seems like we just packed our bags yet sometimes it feels like a lifetime ago. We've learned a lot. We've grown a lot. We've failed a lot. If there's anything we are sure of, it's that the Steadfast Love of our Heavenly Father has been made more and more real to us each day we are here.

We would love for you to read this article just published about our family -

We don't forget for a moment that the same God that called us to live here is the same God that has used each of YOU to pray, to support, to encourage, to give, and to love our family. We are humbled and grateful!!!